The MegaVault™ from CustomVault is the “vanilla” of our vault line, but it’s anything but ordinary. This option is the choice of many customers in government and cross-industry due to the associated expedience of installation and the commensurate cost advantage.

CustomVault Offers:

Custom MegaVault™ System

A Vault Solution for New Construction and Facilities with Clear Access

The CustomVault MegaVault™ system utilizes heavier pre-cast concrete panels and therefore requires heavy equipment with forklift access. This option is ideal for slab-on-grade applications or new facilities. The MegaVault™ is also an excellent and more economical choice when customers have clear access for installation in an existing facility. The MegaVault™ alternative is compliant with government regulations per Federal Specification AA-V-2737 and DEA 21 CFR 1301.72, and meets both insurance requirements and security guidelines cross-industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Compliance. CustomVault’s UL rated and DEA/GSA approved modular panels are used to form the vault floor, walls and ceiling for six-sided protection of controlled substance inventory.
  • Cost Effectiveness.  Comprised of UL rated concrete panels, the MegaVault™ systems offers cost-effective, quick installation based on free-and-clear forklift access.
  • Customization.  Panels are engineered and configured to meet your project requirements.
  • Integration. All systems are custom-configured with appropriate port-vent panels as needed to allow for HVAC ducting and conduit access to meet utility requirements.

Find out if this fits your project needs – head to our Vault Planning Page.