LightWeight™ Vaults

The LightWeight™ Vault from CustomVault was originally designed to help jewelry customers manage floor load and challenging installations in metro-based facilities. But the concept took hold and gained quick acceptance industry-wide as a highly convenient vault option for existing space.

CustomVault Offers:

A Vault Solution for Challenging or Weight-Restricted Installations

Designed specifically to accommodate challenging installations and load restrictions, the CustomVault LightWeight™ Vault system utilizes lighter weight composite panels and can be installed virtually anywhere.  This option conquers tight corners, stairs, freight elevators, above grade floors and most anything else that stands in the way of ideal vault placement for your facility. The LightWeight™ alternative is compliant with government regulations per Federal Specification AA-V-2737 and DEA 21 CFR 1301.72, and meets both insurance requirements and security guidelines cross-industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Compliance. CustomVault’s UL rated and DEA/GSA approved modular panels are used to form the vault floor, walls and ceiling for six-sided protection of controlled substance inventory.
  • Ease of Installation.  Complemented by low profile doors, LightWeight™ panels are designed to install without heavy equipment.  And expedient installation ensures managed cost.
  • Customization.  Panels are engineered and configured to meet your project requirements.
  • Integration. All systems are custom-configured with appropriate port-vent panels as needed to allow for HVAC ducting and conduit access to meet utility requirements.

Find out if this fits your project needs – head to our Vault Planning Page.