Pre-Cast Concrete Vaults​

The Hybrid Vault from CustomVault is often used for storage and communications at military installations seeking to optimize exterior space in fixed conditions.

CustomVault Offers:

Pre-Cast Concrete Vaults​ & Hybrid Vaults

A Vault Solution for Exterior Applications

Designed specifically to accommodate exterior applications, the CustomVault Hybrid Vault is GSA rated for weather-tight exterior applications. This option can be customized to meet your storage parameters and does not require adding a structure to house the vault – the structure is the vault.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures weather resistance no matter what your conditions.
  • Provides three exterior finish alternatives: basic finished concrete, colored concrete or stamped concrete to give the appearance of a brick or stucco exterior finish.
  • Incorporates load bearing ceilings or roof structures that match the building.
  • Allows for vault expansion.

Find out if this fits your project needs – head to our Vault Planning Page.