Modular Vault Solutions

Ensure full regulatory and industrial compliance with high-security vault solutions from CustomVault.

Vaults are the very heart of your security plan, and they are the cornerstone of CustomVault’s success. Indeed, we have designed and installed thousands of modular vault solutions worldwide and cross-industry. What sets us apart?

We Are Responsive by Design

CustomVault’s ability to deliver unsurpassed vault consult, design, engineering, installation and service truly defines our leadership in the marketplace. From project inception to completion, we work with each and every customer to ensure that all needs are met.

Our Solutions Are Superior

All CustomVault modular solutions are of the very highest quality, and manufactured with either high-strength pre-cast concrete or high-density laminate lightweight panels. And as full compliance is essential to your project outcome, we ensure that our solutions will adhere to your regulatory and insurance requirements.  Our vaults are DEA compliant, GSA compliant and PCI compliant.

UL Rated Modular Vault Panels

For Industrial Applications

CustomVault’s UL rated panels are subject to thorough testing in accordance with the UL 608 Standard for Safety to qualify for the Listing Mark of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., and can accommodate the following UL Burglary Resistant Classifications:

  • Class M (15 minutes torch and tool resistance)
  • Class 1 (30 minutes torch and tool resistance)
  • Class 2 (60 minutes torch and tool resistance)
  • Class 3 (120 minutes torch and tool resistance)

Note that securing a UL rating is the first step toward a DEA compliant vault.

GSA Compliant Modular Vault Panels

For Government Applications

CustomVault’s GSA panels go one step beyond the Listing Mark of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. They are subject to rigorous testing by the General Services Administration to qualify for use in government projects requiring vaults that meet Federal Specification AA-V-2737.

Our modular panels, complemented by vault doors, are the basis for all vault systems:

HighBay™ Systems

The HighBay™ Vault from CustomVault was designed specifically to help pharmaceutical customers manage rapid fire product introductions with limited warehouse space, and remain DEA compliant. However, the concept of building up and not out allows any customer to optimize their vault footprint.

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LightWeight™ Systems

The LightWeight™ Vault from CustomVault was originally designed to help jewelry customers manage floor load and challenging installations in metro-based facilities. But the concept took hold and gained quick acceptance industry-wide as a highly convenient vault option for existing space.

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The MegaVault™ from CustomVault is the mainstay of our vault line, but it’s anything but ordinary. This option is the choice of many customers in government and cross-industry due to the associated expedience of installation and the commensurate cost advantage.

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Portable Armories/Vaults

Convenience is everything. Looking for a “plug and play” option for an exterior installation? CustomVault has responded to cross-industry requests for a self-contained mobile vault option that adheres to all applicable regulations and ensures weather resistance.

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Pre-Cast Concrete Vaults​

The Hybrid Vault from CustomVault is often used for storage and communications at military installations seeking to optimize exterior space in fixed conditions.

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What vault solution will work for you?

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