Security Cages

Effectively contain materials and finished product with equipment
from CustomVault Convergint.

Security Cages are a key secure storage component for numerous industrial and government applications. Use is often driven by the need for cost control, and in some industries, like pharmaceuticals, stringent regulatory dictates.

CustomVault Convergint Offers:

DEA Compliant Wire Cages for Pharmaceutical Use
GSA Approved Wire Cages for Government Use

CustomVault Convergint designs and installs wire cage solutions that meet or exceed requirements dictated by DEA Specification 21 CFR 1301.72  and USPS Specification 10605 as follows

  • 10 gauge woven mesh cage
  • Openings no more than 1″ x 2″
  • Minimum 1″ diameter posts, no more than 10′ apart
  • Horizontal reinforcements every 60″
  • Self-closing and self-locking doors (DEA Only)

DEA Cage Requirements

General Purpose Security Cages
For Cross-Industry and Government Use

CustomVault Convergint designs and installs general purpose wire cage solutions for sectioning off inventory storage, hazard areas, tool rooms, stock rooms and equipment.  The parameters of these installations are dictated by the customer in collaboration with our designers.  Height and size are virtually unlimited.

All CustomVault Convergint security cage solutions are designed to meet project storage goals and accommodate available space, utilizing:

  • Total cage assemblies
  • Wall sections that anchor into existing concrete building walls, ceilings and floors
  • Cage doors in standard or custom sizes
  • Self-closing, self-locking, hinged and sliding gates

Brands Include: