Protect assets in smaller quantities with secure storage from CustomVault Convergint.

Safes are essential for smaller quantities that merit secure storage. Use is driven by asset value, insurance guidelines and/or stringent regulatory dictates as evidenced by the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries.

CustomVault Convergint Offers:

UL-Rated High-Security Burglary and Fire Safes

CustomVault Convergint offers a variety of high-security safes that protect against theft and/or fire. Standard sized units are readily available or can be configured to meet your project’s size requirements.

Plate Safes
For Traditional Secure Storage
Plate Safes are constructed with steel plate.
Available with UL ratings of TL-15, TL-30, TR/TL-30, or TR/TL-30×6 UL.

Composite Safes
For Cost Effective SecStorage
Composite safes are constructed with thin steel forms filled with high performance aggregate.
Available with UL ratings of TL-15 or TL-30.

All safes from CustomVault Convergint are:

  • Designed to meet your needs and compliant with applicable regulations
  • Secured appropriately
  • Equipped with time lock devices and locking mechanisms
  • Equipped with alarm contacts and seismic sensors
  • Available with customized interiors including shelving, compartments and lockboxes