Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are a highly effective line of defense for your facility; providing deterrence, early detection of potential dangers and rapid intervention to minimize damage.

Our integrated video solutions help you address escalating risk with consideration for your bottom line. Open architecture allows us to enhance any video network, utilizing your current equipment and complementing it with improvements to make your video surveillance work harder for you.

CustomVault Offers:

Video Management Software & Hardware
For State-of-the-Art Video Capabilities

The software platform is the engine that drives your video surveillance system; ensuring your ability to fully manage video for actionable intelligence. CustomVault offers multiple platforms that deliver industry-leading search capabilities, analytics, remote access, and reliability.

Software is supported by hardware including:

NVRs (Network Video Servers): the ideal recording solution for IP video surveillance systems; facilitating high definition recording and viewing.

DVRs (Digital Video Recorders): Providing quality and performance options that meet the needs of specific users – often used in transition from analog to IP as they provide hybrid support for both technologies.

Surveillance Cameras
For Optimal Viewing

Many organizations are adopting advanced IP camera technology due to its outstanding image quality, efficient compression and delivery of real-time video at a managed bandwidth. CustomVault offers high definition domes, panoramic cameras, fisheyes and more. Prefer analog? We’ve got that too.

And if you are somewhere in the middle, BranchServ can analyze your infrastructure to determine the most effective way to support cameras and communications in the context of your operational constraints, and develop and execute a hybrid solution that works for you. IP and analog CAN be integrated with the right interface, equipment and expertise.

CustomVault will deliver a video solution that meets all of your requirements including: ROI, long-term storage limitations, band-width demands, remote access and export needs.

For the Analog to IP Transition

Encoders are a cost-effective way to migrate your legacy analog system to a network-based IP system. When upgrading systems to IP cameras, it is not always practical to replace all existing equipment at once. Encoders and switches can facilitate video compression with your analog cameras; allowing your organization to reap all of the benefits of a digital system while managing cost.




Brands Include:

Alarm Systems Access Control