Alarm Systems

Intrusion alarm systems are at the very heart of after-hours security. Beyond their ability to summon police response and intervention, their presence alone is often enough to deter potential threats.

CustomVault Offers:

Intrusion Alarm Systems
For After Hours Protection

Reliability is considered the most critical factor in alarm system selection. Still, your facility must also consider industry regulations, cost management, and location-specific challenges when mapping out alarmed response. CustomVault offers fully customized intrusion alarm solutions to meet all of your needs.

Furthermore, CustomVault facilitates the complete integration of all electronic security components for optimal protection.  Integrating video surveillance with alarm systems specifically supports both false-alarm detection and evidence gathering.

Monitoring Service
For Professional and Expedient Response

Monitoring service ensures that alarms are filtered for false activations and true emergencies are responded to with expedience. CustomVault’s equipment offerings are complemented by the availability of external monitoring service via a central station for 24/7 coverage. Our service is UL certified for Burglar Alarm Systems and Protective Signaling Services.