Cold Box Storage & Refrigeration with ThermaSure Chambers

Adhere to pharmaceutical temperature requirements and ensure security with ThermaSure Chambers from CustomVault Convergint.

With our pharmaceutical customers in mind, CustomVault Convergint provides cold box storage for use both in and out of the vault to support the growth in high-value temperature sensitive drugs.

CustomVault Offers:

ThermaSure Chambers
For Temperature Sensitive Pharmaceuticals

CustomVault Convergint provides cold storage as dictated by the needs of your pharmaceutical facility.  Our containers are compliant with all applicable regulations and ensure that temperature sensitive products remain both viable and protected.  Units can be placed either in or out of your vault depending on scheduling restrictions.

Our walk-in cold rooms offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications.  Typical temperatures range from 0-10 degrees celsius.

Our freezer rooms are designed for maximum reliability and stability.  Standard freezers will accommodate a set point of -20 degrees celsius.

Both products offer tight temperature controls and uniformity, flexible design to work around space constraints and simple control systems. Reach out to talk about whether one of these is the right solution for your facility.