Cannabis Application Assistance

The state application process can be difficult for prospective dispensaries and growers, especially in the area of security which tends to be heavily weighted in the decision process.  CustomVault can become part of your project design team and assists you in navigating the security-related portion of the State Application. Our scope of work includes:

  1. Delivery of comprehensive security design and overall integration to ensure optimal facility layout.
  2. Full application review with recommendations provided to ensure avoidance of common pitfalls.  This is based on our experience with application submissions nationwide.
  3. Comprehensive security documentation that fulfills all state mandates for a layered security platform to meet/exceed requirements. Includes: A detailed security drawing covering all areas of alarm, access control and video surveillance. A detailed physical security review so that all safe, vault, bullet resistant products are described and shown for inclusion on the application.
  4. Provision of an electronic version of all documents that can easily be added into the application documents to ensure a truly professional submission.

Notably, any outlays to CustomVault for application assistance will be issued in the form of a credit toward the delivery and installation of physical and/or electronic security from CustomVault once you have received your award.

Committing to CustomVault as your security partner is your best choice, as we are truly the professionals with the strongest base of experience in the industry.  With over 30 years in pharmaceutical security, our expertise will translate to your success.