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The CustomVault Convergint team works collaboratively with you from project inception to completion; ensuring that your vault and security* solution is compliant and customized to meet your every need.  Our reputation precedes us in all industries, due to our history of innovative design and unsurpassed attention to detail that exceeds client expectations.

*Includes video surveillance, intrusion alarm, access control, safes, cages and other security needs.

CustomVault Convergint’s consulting services include: site assessment, analysis and review of industrial and governmental requirements, physical surveys, state applications, architectural drawings, planning, budgeting and recommendations for implementation.  We are expert in DEA 21CFR 1301.72, GSA AA-V-2737, GSA AA-D-600, PCI and other requirements and have a track record of outstanding cross-industry results.

Making it Happen: Full Service Design, Installation & Support

For results that are: Compliant.  Customized.  Cost Efficient.  Comprehensive.  We serve the following industries:
Government & Military
Jewelry & Precious Metals
And More

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