CustomVault Convergint provides an expert, consultative approach to the design, manufacture, delivery and assembly of modular vault systems. And our full line-up of complementary security products allows us to offer our clients a complete security solution. With over 35 years of cross-industry experience, our practiced approach ensures compliant, cost-effective and timely delivery that truly sets the standard. How do we do it?

Expert Design & Configuration

CustomVault Convergint analyzes every project to recommend the solution that most efficiently satisfies:

Regulatory Requirements and Security Standards. 

Our thorough understanding of regulatory, insurance and industry security standards ensures that the design, configuration and installation of the vault system is in compliance with all governing specifications. As the industry leader, we’ve actually collaborated with government and insurance industry experts to draft many of those specifications.

Business and Operational Requirements.

Our expertise encompasses the business and operational requirements of the industry segments we serve. As a result, our Industry Practice Groups provide security solutions that really work for their clients.

Site Access Conditions and Structural Loads.

Whether a simple slab-on-grade application or a high-rise installation with limited access, CustomVault Convergint is expert at engineering vault solutions to cost-effectively work within and around challenging site conditions.

Flawless Execution

We are Responsive by Design.  That responsiveness combined with our unparalleled expertise translates into total reliability for on-time and on-budget delivery of modular vault solutions even when working with the most aggressive time schedules. Our execution is flawless from beginning to end given:

  • Manufacturing Process Controls. Our state-of-the-art computerized process controls ensure consistent quality and panels that conform to their listed rating.
  • Project Management Expertise.  We ensure total team coordination to eliminate downstream client surprises and optimize results.
  • Delivery and Installation. Whatever we design can be delivered and installed quickly, cleanly and professionally by our in-house installation teams. And there is minimal impact on ongoing operations.

The Result

CustomVault Convergint is capable of:

Overcoming Limited Access Conditions

A Class-2 LightWeight™ system was installed on the 11th floor suspended over the domed, unstable ceiling of the bank floor below.

Achieving Monumental Scale

A 20,000 square foot structure was the largest modular vault installed to date in the US.

Accomodating Particular Use Requirements

A UL listed vault system at a jewelry distribution center featured a waist-high vault door accommodating a conveyor.

Adhering to Tight Timeframes

The installation of a record 64 modular vaults at one U.S. military base beat an aggressive timetable.

Installing at Remote Locations

An installation in Vladivostok, Russia overcame harsh conditions and challenging logistics.