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What Keeps You Up at Night: Pharmaceutical Security Concerns

Pharmaceutical companies are big business, and rightfully so. Pharma companies are highly regulated, have a lot of moving parts, and come with high risks and high rewards. 

What pharmaceutical security concerns keep you up at night? CustomVault Convergint has some solutions for you.

Supply Chain Disruption

You can’t afford to have misplaced or missing batches of prescription drugs. Even though you have top-of-the-line tagging and electronic security measures, your facility can’t become a broken chain among suppliers when your customers need deliveries on time. Any delays can cost you profits. Having a tightly controlled inventory system helps your pharmaceutical security process.


Collectively, global pharmaceutical companies lose $75 billion a year due to counterfeiting. This comes from criminals illegally using a company’s brand name as well as more and more drugs being sold through the internet (legally or otherwise). Pharmaceutical companies must take relevant steps to protect themselves against counterfeit incidents. A pharmaceutical vault combined with robust tracking procedures are two ways to mitigate counterfeiting before the medications get in the hands of consumers.


Cybersecurity and hacks are becoming increasingly problematic for pharmaceutical security and pharma companies. Not only can hackers steal proprietary information, but they can also hold your computer systems hostage unless you pay them. Part of your pharmaceutical company’s security suite should include robust anti-hacking measures to keep cybercriminals out of your computers and out of your electronic security systems.

Company Reputation

Your company’s reputation is on the line every single day. Can you deliver products on time, as promised, and at their desired efficacy? Is your proprietary information safe and secure? Are your products safe?

If any of these nightmare scenarios happen, your reputation takes a hit. At best, you can do damage control by saying a sophisticated operation or an inside job led to a security breach. At worst, you could bleed customers until you have none left.

You have to protect your customers, their customers, your bottom line, and your reputation by following industry best practices. 

Yes, this takes a lot of effort. Is it worth it in the end?


Pharmaceutical Vaults & Electronic Security

Why partner with CustomVault Convergint? We help you in the preplanning and design stages for your pharmaceutical facility as you seek DEA compliance. We specialize in pharmaceutical vaults, security cages, and electronic security measures to keep your products and staff secure. Contact CustomVault Convergint, and we’ll start discussing your requirements.