Man in protective suit standing in a pharmaceutical lab at a computer

The Pandemic and the Pharma Industry: The Impact on Security

The COVID-19 pandemic has made humanity look more closely at medical care and pharmaceuticals around the world. Because of an increase in pharmaceutical production over the past year, security threats have emerged. CustomVault Convergint takes a look at the impact the pandemic has had on the pharma industry’s security concerns.

New Employees

Pharmaceutical companies ramped up the production of vaccines, medicines, medical oxygen, and more as the pandemic raged in 2020 and continues to make headlines in 2021. 

That means hiring more people. Are you vetting your new employees appropriately as you hire to keep up with demand? How much access do these new employees have to your work or materials, and is your access control system set up properly to accommodate them? 

Make sure your electronic security keeps up with the workload of having more staff at your facility. A comprehensive security audit can identify weaknesses and suggest improvements, even if they are just short-term fixes.

What About Working Remotely?

Working remotely became a buzzword in 2020 as companies spent less time in the office due to the pandemic. How many people work remotely at your pharmaceutical company? Do they have the right security software on their laptops and mobile devices?

You don’t want your sales reps and administrative staff to cause a cybersecurity breach due to faulty protocols on devices. Require two-factor authentication. Use encryption on files sent from mobile devices and via cloud computing software.

Beware of Third Parties

You’ve come to rely on more and more third parties to get work done at your pharmaceutical lab, whether it’s a hiring agency to get more help, a marketing agency to magnify your brand, a logistics company for shipping, or software platforms that make remote work more efficient.

But can these third parties protect your sensitive data?

There are a few ways to combat this, and an NDA is not enough. Only give these parties access to the information they require to go about their ordinary business and no more. A staffing agency doesn’t need access to your formulas. Logistics companies require what conditions are necessary to ship your items (particularly for refrigeration), not necessarily a list of ingredients. Make sure any third-party software you purchase has robust security that works with your existing computer system. Repair technicians coming into your physical location represent another possible security breach. Make sure these people only access the areas they need to effect repairs and nothing else.

More Products, More Vaults

There is only so much space in one pharmaceutical vault.

Let’s say you’ve doubled production in the past six months. Does your existing vault have enough space to handle it? Can you ship your products to a secure location safely? Is an expanded vault area more cost-effective?

Investing in another vault is not a small endeavor. Legally, you may be required to expand your vault storage in some way to follow DEA regulations.

Consider the advantages of expanding your vaults. You can plan for company growth at some point in the future. Yes, the ramp-up in production has made a temporary windfall. However, you can leverage that into permanent and long-lasting growth for your infrastructure. 

Pharmaceutical Vaults & Security With CustomVault Convergint 

CustomVault Convergint can help with your pharma company’s security thanks to our consultative pharmaceutical team with decades of experience. It starts with a report of what your company needs to expand, and it moves to the implementation of what you require. Contact CustomVault Convergint, and we’ll start discussing your needs.