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Limiting Liability: Access Control for Pharmaceuticals

Insurance mandates, industry reputation, customer trust and compliance requirements are all considerations when mapping out pharmaceutical security. In today’s blog from CustomVault Convergint, we talk about how robust access control for pharmaceutical companies limits your liability.

It Starts With Vetting

Before you even think about access control for your pharmaceutical company, you must vet job candidates properly via strict hiring protocols. Look for potential security risks by executing exhaustive pre-hire background checks including criminal and financial records. 

Once hired, determine the appropriate level of access new hires require given their responsibilities. This helps you limit unnecessary entry in certain areas of your facility and ensure that proprietary information is well guarded. 

Notably, effective access control will extend to both employees and visitors. This includes vetting any contractors and suppliers who transport your products to and from your facility. 

Then Meticulous Control

All employees at your facility must be accountable for their actions, including what areas they access, when and why. Robust access control for physical spaces creates timestamps for every open or open attempt at a door. Your security team should have visibility via an alert as soon as there is an unauthorized entry or attempted entry at a particular door.  They may also want to cross-check employee scheduling with an attempted entry if deemed suspicious.  This will allow them to see if the employee is expected to be on the premises and potentially identify a situation in which a badge has been stolen.  

Real-Time Remote Viewing and Control

If there is a breach in security, your team may need to act quickly.  Fully integrated video and access control ensures optimal response. Moreover, remote access will allow the team to zoom in on a particular scene, leverage facial recognition, and then implement centralized entry controls as needed, all from afar.

Limiting Your Liability

Limiting your liability through comprehensive access control procedure does more than just protect your pharmaceutical firm from security breaches and subsequent financial losses. It provides a much-needed layer of security to ensure that your supply chain remains intact, your business remains fully operational and your reputation for excellence is maintained with investors, stakeholders, and insurers. And it ensures that you pass muster when it comes to government inspection. 

Trust CustomVault Convergint  for Pharmaceutical Access Control

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