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Key Elements of a Dispensary Security Plan

Many elements go into planning and managing a cannabis dispensary. Both your approval and your success depend on two key things: your business plan and your security plan. Today’s blog from CustomVault Convergint outlines the key elements of a great dispensary security plan.

Planning and Approvals Come First

Before you sell your first buds, you need a comprehensive, layered security plan to pass muster. While cannabis may be legal in your state, it is still considered a Schedule I controlled substance by the federal government. As such, it is subject to enforced DEA regulations and state laws that include strict guidelines for securing your product. Your application approval therefore often hinges on a security plan that ensures compliance. This includes both physical and electronic security.

Physical Security: The Core

Given its status as a controlled substance, cannabis containment must be in a DEA compliant vault or safe depending on product quantity and operational structure at your dispensary. As such, vaults and safes are the very core of any dispensary security plan. When selecting your security partner, it is essential to review their DEA experience and approval rates in addition to their familiarity with your industry and specific challenges. The right partner will customize your physical security and then layer on electronics and other elements for added protection and compliance.

What About the Money?

While product needs to be secured in vaults and safes, how do you ensure that cash remains equally protected? This is a key question for a cash-driven business. Traditional solutions may be a good fit for your facility, but many dispensaries are also embracing cash recycling. Cash recyclers not only ensure the highest level of cash security but support operational efficiencies in the store. 

Video and Access Control: A Key Layer of Protection

An integrated electronic security plan is a critical layer of protection as an overlay to physical security. High-quality video surveillance is crucial to monitoring who comes into your dispensary, where they go and what they do. Remote access to the system ensures that you can see what is happening with both customers and employees even when you’re off site. Employee, and product, movement is also best controlled via access control with tiered permissions and strict monitoring. Notably, this can and should be overlaid with procedures and protocols that ensure your ability to really keep a tight rein on your operation.

Note that access control is no substitute for solid hiring and employee management protocols.

Background Checks

Did you know that a lack of background checking can doom your cannabis dispensary? Not checking on the criminal records of your employees can lead to easy inside jobs that destroy your business model. As part of your dispensary security plan, CustomVault Convergint will suggest how to best approach this part of your business while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Intrusion Alarm: Day and Night

Intrusion alarms scare off nighttime intruders and deter would-be criminals by day. Alarms connect to monitoring outposts and/or local authorities, and are absolutely crucial to appropriate protections for your business, your product, your employees and your customers. Quick response makes all the difference in the outcome and your ongoing reputation.


You can’t grow all of your products there on-site. You need secure transportation options to move the products to your facility. Dispensaries also must have proper transition points from the vehicle to your safe. CustomVault Convergint works with you to develop the best practices for your dispensary security plan with regards to how to best transport and offload your cannabis products. This includes the Safepak system.

Trust CustomVault Convergint for Your Dispensary Security Plan

Dispensary security plans must be thorough and detailed because your facility must pass regulatory requirements. We have earned a reputation for producing the most comprehensive and successful security plans in the industry. Trust CustomVault Convergint to partner with you to create a robust dispensary security plan that helps get your business off to the right start. Contact CustomVault Convergint, and we’ll start discussing your requirements.