Pharmaceutical perimeter security concept with barbed wire and cameras

Keeping the Bad Guys Out: Perimeter Security for Pharmaceuticals

What’s your worst-case scenario? A security breach from the inside? An outsider break-in?  Well-maintained access control helps you manage your building interior, while perimeter security keeps out nefarious bad guys. Ultimately, both internal and external security is vital to your pharmaceutical company.

In today’s blog from CustomVault Convergint, we outline the best practices for perimeter security for keeping bad guys out of your facility.

Real-Time Electronic Security Response

Intrusion alarms are critical to perimeter security. That said, as police take an average of 11 minutes to respond to alarms, your security team needs to have other tools at their disposal. You might therefore consider tying alarms to sirens, strobe lights or hydraulic barriers when triggered. Integrated video surveillance also works to your advantage. Exterior cameras are known to deter would-be thieves. If nothing else, they facilitate forensic evidence. Infrared technology is critical to picture quality so that nighttime activity can be captured in high resolution. 

Physical Barriers

Although you may not want your facility to look like a fortress, physical barriers offer a significant deterrent for thieves. Steel-reinforced concrete, fencing, bulletproof

glass, and steel-reinforced doors all provide substantial protection for your employees and your business. Physical barriers often deter, and at the very least delay criminal activity. Even a wall of plants can provide an extra protective layer. The idea here is to give your personnel time to react to the situation through their video feeds. Use cameras in conjunction with physical barriers to get someone on the scene ASAP.

Secure Intrusion Points

It is ideal to have an outer layer of perimeter protection like fencing but sometimes your physical building exterior is your only defense. In that case, be sure to reinforce doors, windows, cargo bays, and all entry points. Deadbolts and steel reinforcement all work here as physical deterrents to complement access control, alarm and video on the electronics side of your security.

Visitor Management

Larger facilities should have a visitor management system with a combination of a secured visitor gate (automated or manned). Combine this with automated access control (include an appointment function), and your perimeter is better secured from criminals posing as visitors.

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