Healthcare facilities must balance pharmaceutical supply/demand amidst a public controlled substance management debate. CustomVault Convergint’s HealthCare/Hospital Practice Group is focused on the unique requirements of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) validated high-security storage for pharmaceuticals in the hospital and laboratory environment.

Healthcare Industry

What You Need

Per the Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 1301.72, the governing specification for pharmaceutical applications, controlled substance security dictates the following:

Schedule I and II

Schedule III, IV and V

What We Deliver


CustomVault Convergint has been building and expanding DEA validated vaults for major U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors for over 35 years. Our hospital solutions are a natural outgrowth of that business, and we now provide vaults and security for healthcare facilities including VA hospitals where we also abide by GSA regulations.

We begin by providing consulting services for all healthcare clients before executing a vault or security solution.  Site assessment, analysis and review of industrial and governmental requirements, physical surveys, applications, architectural drawings, planning, and budgeting are all part of our package.

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