Credit Card Production

The credit card industry is under intense scrutiny given that fraud and identity theft have reached epic proportions. Customer pressure is mounting and PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Requirements have been escalated. CustomVault Convergint’s Credit Card Practice Group is focused on providing card production facilities with security solutions that fulfill industry and customer demands.

Credit Cards

What You Need

According to Section of PCI (Payment Card Industry) Card Production and Provisioning, Physical Security Requirements 2.0 released in 2016, the vault is the “primary security area in the vendor facility” and must be executed within strict parameters. Electronic security is a necessary complement. Most facilities are affected as materials requiring secure storage include everything from test cards to personalized cards to returns.

Those in the know select partners with expertise and cross-industry experience because there is no room for error when it comes to compliance. Ultimately, your business viability is at risk.

What We Deliver


CustomVault Convergint has over 35 years of experience and leadership in validated vault and security solutions for industry and government. And we have provided PCI compliant vaults and security for credit card production facilities throughout the US.


CustomVault Convergint is expert at configuring solutions within PCI requirements, and at optimizing the efficiency of operations for credit card production facilities.

We successfully manage:

  • Flush Transitions. We understand that flush access in and out of the vault is essential when carts can weigh over 600 lbs. We work with your site plan and evaluate options, including modifications, to create a solution that is both cost-effective and operationally efficient.
  • Site Access and Structural Load Challenges. We evaluate site access and load conditions and offer solutions to meet any requirement.
  • Limited Disruption. CustomVault Convergint systems go up quickly and cleanly. Solutions are available that do not require heavy equipment to install. After-hours installation is available to further limit impact on existing operations.
  • Aggressive Timetables. Given our in-house resources, CustomVault Convergint has the quickest turnaround time in the industry and has met the most aggressive construction schedules. Shop drawings with structural and engineering evaluation can be provided in as little as two days.

We begin by providing consulting services for all credit card clients before executing a vault or security solution.  Site assessment, analysis and review of industrial and governmental requirements, physical surveys, applications, architectural drawings, planning, and budgeting are all part of our package.

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