Additional Industries Served

Your Industry, Our Business

No matter what industry you represent, CustomVault Convergint is here to meet your vault and security needs. Beyond our traditional scope of business, our customer base includes, but is not limited to:

Casinos and Gaming Centers, Detention Centers, Local Government, Local and State Police, Logistics Management, Museums, Personal Residences, Retail Warehouses, Universities and More. Take a look at our solutions and see what may apply to you! Not sure? Reach out to us for guidance here or call 866.431.7646.

Additional Industries Served

Beyond our Products and Service: What We Deliver


CustomVault Convergint has been an international leader in modular vaults and security for over 35 years. There is no one better to serve you.


CustomVault Convergint is not only expert at configuring solutions within the parameters of your requirements, with consideration for the efficiency of your operation.

We successfully manage:

  • Site Access Conditions and Structural Load Challenges. CustomVault Convergint evaluates site access and existing conditions to ensure that every option is considered in optimizing both the cost and functionality of the vault solution.
  • Aggressive Timetables. CustomVault Convergint has the quickest turnaround time in the industry and has met the most aggressive construction schedules. Shop drawings with structural and engineering evaluation can be provided in as little as two days.
  • Limiting Disruption to Existing Operations. CustomVault Convergint systems go up quickly and cleanly, minimizing interruption to ongoing operations.

We begin by providing consulting services for all  clients before executing a vault or security solution.  Site assessment, analysis and review of industrial and governmental requirements, physical surveys, applications, architectural drawings, planning, and budgeting are all part of our package.